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Niillas Holmberg & Roope Mäenpää (FI) perform at A38 on the 26th of May

26/05/2017 - 20:00 to 21:30

The duo Niillas Holmberg & Roope Mäenpää perform Arctic folk music in Northern Sámi language. In the duo´s music one cannot only recognize the bare beauty of nature in Sápmi, but can also find reference to Sámi philosophy and beliefs, as well as to the Western people’s never ending need for ownership.
Niillas Holmberg is a Sámi poet, musician, actor and activist whose books and poetry have been translated into more than ten languages. Despite of his young age, Holmberg has gained notable international recognition. He has even been compared to legendary Sámi artist, Nils-Aslak Valkeapää. In 2016 Niillas Holmberg was awarded the Sámi of the Year Award in Finland for his work in music, literature, languages and Sámi rights.
The duo’s first album, Manin guottán girjji fárus (Why I Carry the Book) was released in 2011 and their second album, Assimilašuvdna blues (Assimilation Blues) came out in 2014.
Niillas Holmberg (guitar, vocals)
Roope Mäenpää (cello, keybord)

The event is a part of Young Sámis and cultural activism

26.5. at 8PM

A38 Exhibition Space

Petőfi bridge, Buda side

Free entrance, only registration needed. Register here.