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Miranda - The Roma Holocaust

Through Miranda's Eyes is a global, 18-month cross-disciplinary project dedicated to celebrating intercultural dialogue and reforming history education policies. TME raises awareness about the Roma Holocaust in WWII and promotes Romani arts and culture.

In WWII about half of European Roma got killed in the Holocaust Topic still remains unknown to the general public. With growing number of refugees entering EU states, we need a platform for self-reflection: how to avoid repeating history?

In 2001 Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar, initiator of the project, interviewed Miranda, a Holocaust survivor and became inspired by her story. When beginning a wider research on the subject, the renowned scientist and artist run into a claim by the Nazis about the life of the Roma not being worthy of living. This created a vision of a new innovative concept of teaching about Holocaust by using art as a method of promoting a life worthy of living and depicting it together with the societal developments before, during and after WWII. This resulted in the exhibition "Miranda - The Roma Holocaust".

Free Admission. 

 3.8 - 2.11.2017

Budapest Holocaust Memorial Center

1094 Budapest, Páva St. 39