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#Mattimatkalla #Mattiutazik

Matti is a Finn who appreciates silence, peace and his own personal space. He is not a fan of small talk, and in social situations he actually wishes he could become invisible. Matti is the main character of comic strip series Finnish Nightmares by Karoliina Korhonen which features the greatest social fears Finns can face. He set off from the Finnish Institute in Norway in the beginning of 2017 and arrives soon to Budapest at the invitation of FinnAgora to be the special guest of the Eleven Ősz Bartók Béla Street Festival.  

You can follow Matti’s travels in Hungary on Instagram: #Mattiutazik #Mattimatkalla #Mattipåtur

This is how to participate in Matti’s adventures :

1. Find your own Matti postcard figure at the venues of Eleven Ősz Festival (22-24 September 2017).

2. Take Matti with you to town or to excursions, show him your favourite places. Take a picture with him and publish it on Instagram.

Using hashtags #Mattiutazik #Mattimatkalla #Mattipåtur will show you where and with whom Matti has travelled in Hungary.