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The coronavirussituation in Hungary

12/03/2020 - 12:30

The Hungarian government declared the country to be in a state of emergency the 11th of March. This means special regulations must be followed. These regulations do not affect FinnAgoras future events at the moment. 

The following regulations must be followed due to the state of emergency declaration: 

- People who arrive from the areas of the epidemic (China, Iran, Italy, South-Korea) will not be let into Hungary. Only Hungarian citizens may enter Hungary traveling from these areas and they will be put into quaranteen for 14 days. 

- Flights, buses and trains from Hungary to the areas mentioned above will stop and bordercontrols between Hungary, Slovenia and Austria will be implemented. 

- Events indoors for over 100 ppl will be forbidden, events outdoors for over 500 people will be forbidden. These rules don't apply to places of work, restaurants or shoppingmalls. The rule applies for places of leisure like theatres, movie-theatres and such, and even if there are less then a 100 people in these spaces the rule still applies if the capacity of the space is for 100 people. 

- Universities continue their education only online. 

Any Finnish citizens travelling or living permanently in Hungary are asked to make a traveldeclaration to the Foreign Ministery of Finland.