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Authors of the Tatu and Patu book series Havukainen and Toivonen visit Budapest and Szentendre on 8–9th June

The first Tatu and Patu book was published in Hungarian in 2007. Through the cooperation of Cerkabella Publishing and the translator Laura Bába, 10 instalments of the series have become available for Hungarian children and parents since then. The writers and illustrators of the franchise Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen will visit Hungary in June for the launch of the 11th Tatu and Patu book, Tatu és Patu, a nyomozók - A Felező-eset (Detectives Tatu and Patu: The Case of the Mysterious Divider). Fans of Tatu and Patu can meet the authors in Budapest and Szentendre.

Dates and locations:

Friday 8th June 2018

12.00–13.30 Interactive discussion, Parti Medve Book Store, Városház tér 4, Szentendre

Saturday 9th June 2018

11:00–12:00 Book-signing, Pagony (a Gellért térnél) Könyvesbolt, Bartók Béla út 5, Budapest

17:00–17.30 Interactive discussion at Budapest Könyvhét, Vörösmarty tér, Budapest

17.30–18.30 Book-signing at Budapesti Könyvhét, Vörösmarty tér, Budapest

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